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Superior support and availability are key to Megamax success. If you have questions about your account or setting up your Internet connection, we’re here for you. Our robust Knowledge Base offers help without needing to make a call.

Internet Connection

  • How Does the Internet Work
  • What is Wi-Fibre:  fibre at our base station and the last mile will be a wireless connection to the home
  • Always try to reboot routers to see if it resolves any issues.
  • Slow internet can occur when certain devices are using the internet in the background without the users knowledge.


We are always available via email.

contact or directly


  • Our billing is automated.
  • Our automated system will email you 5 days prior to expiry for your account
  • Pay as you go customers can choose to pay via eft or cash
  • Debit orders are available on request and is mandatory for rental equipment or contracts.
  • Debit orders will be deducted on the 1st of every month in the case of a  holiday the deduction will fall to the next working day.
  • Any account related questions can be forwarded to

Contact or Call Us

Contact us on any of the following number

  • 021 396 1472
  • 072 264 5202
  • 076 204 6168

We are on call between 9am and 9pm. Whatsapp/sms are welcome if outside of our hours.